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Artist Statement

on June 1, 2012

It starts with a pixel – a tiny square so devoid of discernible appearance yet so alive with possibility. It is the building block of every image seen on a computer screen. Add another, then another and still more;  build shape and add color. Eventually what you see is no longer a pixel but a work of art, alive and inviting. This is what attracted me to the graphic arts. I loved creating something from nothing, and the computer was a new and exciting way to do it. My creations could be as simple or as complicated as I wanted them to be, and I could see instantly the results of my work. I could even go back and undo any step I didn’t like! I am heavily influenced by color, and the computer offers literally millions, all of which can be easily replicated.

My artwork reflects certain aspects of my character. It has dimension, layers, texture. I see personality peeking from beneath the pixels. These are the characteristics of my art as well as my life. I find that the more depth I can include in my work, the better it turns out to be. I achieve this through adding layers and using color and shape to give the appearance of dimension.

I think that most people are influenced or somehow moved by graphics, but they may not even be aware of it. Graphics are all around us and used in so many subtle ways that we often forget that they are there. I want people to see that my art can be used to sell items or services and to illustrate facts or figures by capturing the attention and memory of the viewer.

My art has the same feel as many contemporary graphic artists of today. It is crisp and clean, colorful and attractive, using basic shapes and objects to get across the point I wish to make. My influences are Paul Rand and Saul Bass, who are wonderful examples of the beauty of simplicity. They both used just a few simple shapes to create their iconic pieces, all of which depict images that are recognizable yet abstracted to their simplest forms. I strive for this element of simplicity in my work, the ability to tell a story or portray a particular appearance without excess material getting in the way.  

Computers are now part of our daily lives, and they are certainly a part of my art. I know the technology will keep changing, and I will keep learning, and I hope we’ll be together for a long time.




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