Portfolio: Kathryn Lenski

An ever-expanding collection of work from an ever-expanding mind

Eileen’s Garden

I created every leaf and flower in this backyard paradise – and everything else as well.

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Digital Dollhouse

Every part of this dollhouse was created on the computer,

literally from the floor to the ceiling. I had so much fun with this one.

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Crayon Colors 1

A rather traditional looking infogram showing the 10 favorite crayon colors in America

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Crayon Colors 2

A more cartoony approach to showing the top 10 crayon colors

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Teacher Salaries

An infogram showing the top 10 states in teacher salaries

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An infogram showing which college majors are the most popular

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T-shirt Decals

These are some T-shirt decals I was commissioned to make, to be worn to a Jonas Brothers concert.

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Follows is a series of illustrations I created to match the owner’s personality and interests.

I created some of the graphics from scratch and used some from images I already owned.

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I made each of the chocolates in Paint Shop Pro. Wish they were edible!

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Video Game

For a class assignment, I imagined a video game based on the Percy Jackson series of books.
Click for a Power Point presentation of that game:

Percy Jackson Game

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